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Friday, December 10, 2010

BabyKicks and Little Green Books Giveaways Ending TONIGHT!

Luv My 2 Girls has two great giveaways ending tonight!

The first is for a Little Green Books book! Little Green Books focuses on creating stories that teach our children the importance of being environmentally friendly. They're printed on recycled material and even make cloth books for the wee little ones! Click here to enter!

Next up is BabyKicks! These are AMAZING hemp diapers! (Or so I've heard!) Hemp is an awesome, super absorbent, super squishy and soft diapering fabric - LOVE it! Click here to enter!

But that's not all!

Click here to enter the Febreze Home Collection Giveaway ending tonight!

Click here to enter the Aroma Home Giveaway ending tonight!

Click here to enter the Wallpops giveaway ending tonight!

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